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     *Siamrajathanee outsourcing service business, man power wervices, automobiles rential services, data processing &

          data base service

     *SiamrajathaneeCorporation(SiamrajNGV) -leader in import, provide and setup machine such as gas and liquid wate jump include

          manufacturing process equipments.

     *VinyltecIndustry Supported by research and develoment exprerienes would class production and Laboratory technologies.

         Our products can meet any customer requirment. The designed-we belive that our customer need is our standard. Products

         quality standard is well maintain under our strickly quality control system. Moreover, we also attain ISO 9001:2000 certification.

     *RayongCityHotel At Home Restaurant,  Free Wireless Internet with High Speed,Service 24 hours

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